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An award-winning journalist, songwriter and music producer, Lou Carlozo spent 16 years at the Chicago Tribune, where he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist (team reporting) and a Polk Award winner for his work on the “Killing Our Children” series. He later served as co-editor of movies coverage, and created the nationally syndicated “On the Small Screen” DVD column. In that column, he interviewed celebrated actors and directors including Robert Downey Jr., Helen Mirren, Tim Burton, John Cleese, Oliver Stone, Jason Alexander, William Shatner, Bob Newhart, Betty White and many, many more. He also wrote the Tribune’s weekly “Recession Diaries” personal finance column. As part of the Tribune’s largest layoff in 2009, he also became a punch line. (“The recession is so bad, the Tribune’s recession writer got laid off.”)


Today, Lou serves as the Director of Digital Media for Americas’ SAP Users’ Group, and the part time Editor In Chief for Qwoted, a journalism sourcing platform. On the music side, he composed and performed the soundtrack to an award-winning indie movie in 2013, “We’ve Got Balls,” a bowling comedy. He also remixed the song “Secret Crush” for the Disney movie “Prom,” besting celebrated mix masters such as Maurice Joshua (Beyonce, Timbaland). His most recent work, “By Me & William Shakespeare,” sets the Bard to contemporary music written by Lou and features two Grammy Award finalists. No harpsichords, lutes or castrati were harmed in the making of the record. 


A mentor to young journalists and musicians, and a frustrated sumo wrestler, Lou resides in Chicago with his wife and two children. 


We are honored to have him as a judge.

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