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   In 1969 at the age of 25, Ms. Lynch, having already served as the Press Secretary for a U.S. Senator and Congressman founded her first advertising agency in Atlanta, Georgia.  By 1975, she had been listed twice in The World’s Who’s Who of Women.  During the early years in advertising, media planning, marketing and public relations, she served a diverse range of companies, from the third largest Black Bank in the U.S., Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta, to  working with Ted Turner and the OAAA Convention. Eventually, her company specialized in real estate developments from planned unit developments, to commercial, to vacation homes and theme parks.   

    In 1996, she began a broad-based company, Women’s Online Media and Education Network,  to promote communication for and about women.  It is currently producing WomensRadio® and unique high quality and a low-cost tool called AudioAcrobat®.  With streaming credits from Microsoft, the first programs began in 1998, making the site the first to stream for women!  W.O.M.E.N. targets niche markets using the Web, wireless technologies, and social media and provides a platform for women leaders and also not-for-profits that serve women and issues that affect women, children, and families.  The company is planning to launch three new services and sites in 2021.

     We are honored to have her as a judge.

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