The Film Festival Dedicated to the NEWS...

"The NewsFest International Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing, TRUE STORIES, NEWS STORIES, DOCUMENTARIES, ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEOS, NARRATIVE Films and Screenplays based on "True Stories".

The NewsFest is an exciting opportunity for News Professionals, Documentarians and Writers and Filmmakers to present their work to an international audience! We invite all DOCUMENTARIANS, Filmmakers and Writers (of True Stories) and News Professionals - in front of the camera; behind the camera to submit their work. Students are invited to submit. Music videos and practice sessions of original music are also welcome.

Winners in each category will receive an award and have their winning entry televised in the local LA viewing area. Winners will need to submit their films in a specific format for broadcast as designated by NewFest staff, including closed captioning."


Screenings in the World's Best Theaters

 See your stories on the Big Screen in front of our International Audiences.  Luxury Theaters in the most exciting city in the world Las Vegas

Mix and Meet With Other Industry Professionals

 Join your peers and other professionals at Screenings, Parties and Events hosted by The Newsfest


Your Project will air in the Powerful Los Angeles Market

Seminars - Interview Opportunities and More

 Incredible Seminars with You, your peers and other professionals from an amazing array of television, cable and film industries.


Beautiful, Custom Awards and Trophies Created for NEWSFEST

The Newsfest


 Take your best shot to be honored by receiving one of the most powerful and unique Awards Ever Created for the Superstar as well as the New Voice in News.







ATTENTION: Based on recent global events, many of our
vendors and partners CAN NOT Guarantee that their business
or service will be available to us based in circumstances
beyond their control. State and Federal mandates may prohibit
them from offering their services.


In response to these developments the NEWSFEST events will offer an Online Event
from August 28 - September 1, 2020 and our Live Event in Las Vegas from September 2 to September 6, 2020. Should Vendors, Federal and or State leaders close locations and
vendors at that time, the ENTIRE NEWSFEST Program will be held Online. Thank you!


 The Film Festival Dedicated to the NEWS...

     ONLINE - World Wide  Aug 28 - Sept 1, 2020

    Live* Sept 2 - Sept 6, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada


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