Laurel Adler was originally trained as an actor, but discovered she preferred to have more control over her work than being an actor allowed.   She directed numerous stage plays and musicals before moving towards the media of film and TV.

     She produced several educational videos during the 2000’s, including her first foray into directing and producing a film, with “Young Astronauts”, a largely unseen documentary about a former Green Beret who started a program for low-income kids to help them learn science, through designing products for the space station. The experience, confirmed Laurel’s desire to direct and produce films about remarkable people who are unknown to most of us.

     Her landmark film, “Shosholoza”, depicting the struggles of post Apartheid South Africa’s rural villages, was awarded Best Political Statement Movie at the 2013 Action on Film Festival.  Her most recent film, “Iron Chain Last Hope,” (2018) won for Best Director Documentary, and Best Documentary Political at the AOF MegaFest.  Iron Chain Last Hope will soon be televised in the Los Angeles Metro area.  Laurel’s 2017 film, “Atousa,” won Best Documentary, Short at AOF in 2017 and Exceptional Merit at the 2018 Docs Without Borders film competition. Laurel’s film, “The Harder Way” was awarded Best Documentary-Political at the 2016 AOF International Film Festival and Best Documentary Short in the Impact Film Awards.

     Laurel is also a visual effects artist, having worked on several Hallmark Hall of Fame films, including Visual Effects Producer for Hallmark’s 2009 film, “A Dog Named Christmas.” She also worked on two seasons of the AOL web series “Little Women Big Cars” (2012, 2013, Vuguru Productions). 

     Other documentaries include:   “Just Like Us”, (2009), broadcast on regional PBS stations; “American Who” (2015), a Telly Award Winner in Social Documentaries; and “Nada’s Gift,” Runner-up for Best Documentary Political at AOF.

Laurel was Executive Producer for the feature film, “Driving By Braille” (2011), and Associate Producer on the children’s film, “Zombeo and Juliecula (2013)”, plus visual effects for “Continuity” (2010).

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